How do we feel and recognize the sound? What kinds of factors can determine its quality as noisy or quiet? The qualification of Silence stems from these curiosities, and it aims to rediscover the concept of silence. The city of Cambridge with numerous libraries has tons of different types of "Silence." From the silence of emptiness to the quietness, every form of acoustic environments was formulated by the physical structure, program, users and even the social norm. I visited libraries in Cambridge to figure out properties of the "Silence." Based on my recordings from each observation, I captured different types of the "Silence" from more than fifteen libraries in Cambridge. As piling "Silences" up one by one, I created loud silence and imaginary acoustic environments. It is a provocative question of the conventional meaning of silence.
소리가 텅 비어있는/고요함으로 가득차 있는 공간에 대한 궁금증에서 출발한 이 작업은 케임브리지의 11개의 도서관 20곳이 넘는 공간들의 물리적인 구조, 사용자와 나아가 그 공간에 규범에 따라 제각기 다른 침묵/고요를 종류별로 각각 샘플링한 다음 하나씩 겹쳐 새로운 'Silence'로 재구성한 작업이다.
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