What is communication?
For me, Communication is a continuous colliding with other universes at the scale of the organism. It is a practice which allows people to rediscover themselves through others by compensating for the errors inherent to everyday interactions. Dealing with the imperfections that result from the limitations of our body’s senses and the physical world, communication is the ultimate medium for the existence of social organisms.

But at the same time, "The medium is the message." which means that the way of communicating already has significant implications of interacting one another. Then how communication actually works? Specifically in verbal conversation, what is speaking and listening? How do we feel, and how do acoustic stimuli enable us to communicate with one another? And finally, what is the meaning of communication, and why do we need it? To answer these questions, I am proposing a game as a social experiment/manifesto.

This is a form of communication game playing with the cultural prosthesis by hacking the conventional way of verbal conversation. Each participant wears the mask with the double convex lens and parabolic microphone with a concave lens. The combination of two only allows participants to recognize, and hear one another unless every visual-acoustic body sensors of them will be interrupted. And also, the speaker unit which located on their back picks and amplifies their own body sound. Finally, participants have to adapt to the distorted environment to communicate with each other.

The game gives opportunities to participants to rediscover the value of conversation by alienating interpersonal interactions of speaking and listening within our sonic culture. This is more than a noble experience of communicating but the clue for making empathy for each other.
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